Monday, December 23, 2013

The ToneCraft 363 Tube Direct Box

 Tonecraft Audio is a California based company that was formed by "Jon Erickson and Ryan Feves to create handcrafted professional audio equipment for the studio and stage." Jon is a renowned designer with multiple TEC Award nominations and Ryan is a top notch bass player.

Their premiere release is the 363 Tube Direct Box:
"The NEW Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box is the professional player’s solution for a consistently great direct sound in the studio and on the stage. The 363 has the ability to aggressively shape tones like a vintage tube amp and function as a full frequency, high performance tube direct box for musicians with an appreciation for the sounds, style and build quality of golden era equipment (50′s-70s) looking to vastly improve their 1/4″ sound. This includes electric and upright bassists, acoustic and electric guitarists, keyboard players and electronic musicians."

The 363 seems to be very solidly built. I'm sure it has great tone/color as well. It has tons of gain (40db) and dual outputs. The 2 band EQ with +/- 20db of boost/cut along with a bypass switch is a nice addition.


  • Input: 10 meg, unbalanced.
  • Thru: Tube buffered loop of the input signal. Fully isolates input from external loading vs. a standard passive loop. May be connected to an amplifier or tuner.
  • Volume: Preamp stage gain control. Variable 0-40db Gain
  • Bass and Treble: Classic Baxandall EQ circuit with +/-20db of boost and cut.
  • Eq/Bypass: Bypass mode has extended flat frequency response from 5hz to 75k and is ultra hi-fi. EQ mode is more amp-like in character with expanded tonal control.
  • Outputs: Dual balanced line level outputs with separate level controls. May be driven simultaneously to full +22dbu output level. Cinemag Hi-Nickel Output transformer.
  • Dedicated Ground Lifts for each output
  • Frequency Response: 5hz-75k
  • Tube Complement: 1 Tung Sol 6SL7 2 Tung Sol 6SN7GT
  • Custom Steel chassis
  • Handwired, turret construction. Highly serviceable.
  • Engraved and illuminated clear front panel. Adjustable brightness. Custom engraving available
  • Extremely low noise.
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Voltage: 115v/230v 60hz switchable on the exterior
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 8.5″ x 3.5″
  • Rackmount kits available

Tonecraft Audio said the 363 Tube D.I. will be available in Jan 2014. Price to be announced.