Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tech Tues.: Pensado's Place #233_Retaining transients when limiting & letting the song determine the mix.

In the latest episode of Pensado's Place Dave and Herb feature 2 of their favorite ITL's.
The first deals with retaining transients when limiting. There are various ways to do this and Dave uses the free Flux Bittersweet Transient Designer plugin to add transients before the limiter on the drum buss.

 I also use the SPL Transient Designer 

and there are others. (I will do a post that features various Transient/Envelope Shapers.)

In the second part of the All ITL episode he talks about how to let the song determine your mix. This is how I approach mixes. Even though engineering is a technical skill you're working with music. An art form that that conveys emotions. So I always mix by "feel". Sometimes I start with the vocals and keys instead of the drums and bass. Then
I choose the effect types and levels depending on the song.

Here's the All ITL Episode of Pensado's Place #233:

via Pensado's Place tv.