Friday, December 13, 2013

PreAMPed 1.0.1 beta and Free Giveaway Contest

Matt from LVC Audio commented on my previous post on their PreAMPed plugin that they now have a beta 1.01 update with some new features and also a giveaway contest. To enter the giveaway leave them some feedback on the beta here.

Here is a list of the changes in the update:

New Features

Bypass Buttons

PreAMPed 1.0.1 has a new set of bypass buttons. The buttons enable you to bypass some of the major processing sections of PreAMPed. This can be useful in A/B comparisons, or to minimize CPU usage. 

The buttons include:
  • Preamp: for bypassing the preamp modeling
  • Saturation: for bypassing the additional saturation and high pass controls
  • EQ: for bypassing all EQ controls
  • Individual EQ: for bypassing any of the 4 EQ sections
  • Stereo: for bypassing the Wide and Balance controls
  • Revised Oversampling

The original version of PreAMPed included 2X oversampling. This worked well in many cases, but problems occurred when using the Mix control. The original oversampling filters had zero plugin latency, but they were minimal phase filters. When the processed signals were mixed with the original signal, phase cancellation occurred.

PreAMPed 1.0.1 has a new oversampling scheme. The original button has been replaced to allow for 2x, 4x, and 6x oversampling selector. The upsampling and downsampling filters have been converted to be linear phase. The result is some latency at the plugin output (compensated by the host), but there are no more phase cancellation issues when using the Mix control.

Knob A/B Comparison

When any knob is double-clicked, the current value will be reset to the default value. If the knob is double-clicked again, it will return to the previous value. This is a convenient way to A/B different settings. Right-clicking on a knob will change the knob’s default value. Then, when the knob is changed again and double-clicked, the new value can be A/Bed with the new default value.

Please keep in mind that right-clicking the knobs will only change the value for the current plugin instance. Loading another plugin will reset the default values to the “factory” default. Additionally, some DAW programs allow the user to select different options by right-clicking on a plugin. The knob’s default value will be changed, but the DAW my pop-up an additional menu as well.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • made demo bypass less annoying (shorter duration of bypassed sound, and longer intervals between bypassed sound)
  • improved waveform display
  • fixed VST3 format error that prevented audio output
  • fixed Clip LED from remaining stuck on when knob was adjusted
  • fixed overlapping text on OSX and Windows 8 (increased GUI size)
  • General GUI enhancements (improved preamp model buttons, improved knob position indicators on small knobs, and removed drop shadows on some GUI elements)