Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Bettermaker C502V: 500 series 3-in-1 VCA based 2 Channel Compressor.

                                             Bettermaker C502V compressor

   Bettermaker is a manufacturer known for making great sounding innovative gear such as the Bettermaker EQ230P Analog EQ and BetterMaker 502P - 500 series Analog EQ. Both with Digital RecallThey recently announced on Facebook the newest addition to their family - the C502V 3-in-1 VCA based 2 channel Compressor. The C502V will be showcased at the 139th AES 2015 NYC show. It can be run in stereo, Dual or M/S mode with digital recall of all settings. It also has 3 different compression modes.

Bettermaker C502V Features:

  • 3 in 1 compressor- 3 different modes of compression, one original and two based on classic designs.
  • 500 series
  • Stereo/Dual Mono/MS (with solo function)
  • Digital recall via USB (as always)
  • Plugin control in all popular formats
  • 399 onboard presets
  • onboard UNDO function
  • USB side chain (you can use the side chain just like in a plugin, no physical I/O needed)
  • On board high pass side chain with selectable frequencies
  • Lookahead mode for analog compression
  • Wet/Dry for both channels
  • Full parameter automation
  • 1:2 ratio for Expansion, Transient designing
  • Unit to unit Internal linking. You do not need USB cables hanging, or any special enclosure. Modules will connect with each-other as long as they are inserted side by side.
  • Pricing:TBA

A little about the different compression modes:
  • This will be the most gentle mastering compression mode but with very unique attack behavior.
  • It will be fit for the widest range of settings. 
  • It is great on Drums, Mix Buss. 
  • It will introduce slower attacks and moderate release plus auto release.

SG mode.
  • This will be inspired by the classic British VCA buss compressor,
  • similar parameters
  • same ease of use
  • It will have all additional functions mentioned above vs. the original.

  • Classic aggressive compression based on a classic 160A, so loved on drums.
  • Attack and release parameters will not display
  • It will have all additional functions mentioned above vs. the original.

   Bettermaker will be located in the Trans Audio Group Booth 935 where you can audition the C502V and all their other gear.