Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tech Tues.: UAD v.7.4 with Fairchild Limiter Collection and Maag EQ4.

UA has announced the release of the Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection with their v7.4 software update. I use their legacy Fairchild plugin often and look forward to hearing what the new version has to offer. The Side-Chain Filter, Headroom Adjustment and Wet/Dry Mix knob are all welcome additions.
The Fairchild is one of the most sought after compressor/limiters and has been used on many classic records over the years.

Here's a little background on the Fairchild from the UA website:

"The very first Fairchild limiter that audio genius Rein Narma created on Les Paul’s kitchen table transformed the sound of recording forever. Soon, these 20-tube, 14-transformer, 67-pound behemoths were embraced by world-class studios, many of which still employ their vintage Fairchilds despite the increasing difficulty in maintaining these tube-driven tone machines.
For a half-century, the Fairchild 670 — and its aggressive little brother, the Fairchild 660 — have defined popular music’s most revered vocal and drum sounds. In fact, the world’s elite mixers often employ a 670 simply for the “glow” it brings to their final mixes, even without the compression circuitry engaged."

Read my previous post on the UAD Fairchild 670 plugin where I share info and settings I used on a song I mixed for Ricky Martin.

I also used the Fairchild on Mack Wilds debut album "New York: A Love Story."


  • Includes the mono 660 and stereo 670, each with their own sonic attributes and feature sets
  • Models entire electronic path, including tube amplifiers and transformers for complete analog color and behavior
  • Modeled after Ocean Way’s famous, meticulously maintained golden Fairchild channels
  • Lateral-Vertical mode for stereo imaging and balance control
  • Includes custom hardware Stereo Sidechain Link mod 
  • Six attack and release Time Constants (plus additional Time Constant variations with Sidechain Link)
  • Includes all-new “digital only” features: Sidechain filtering, Dry/Wet parallel blend and Headroom
  • Includes artist presets from Darrell Thorp, Michael Brauer, Ryan West, and more
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide


The 7.4 software update also includes the Maag EQ4 plugin which is known for its amazing top end response.
The words "airy, silky and transparent" are often used to describe the EQ4.

"In a quest for “audio perfection,” Cliff Maag designed the EQ4 to provide unparalleled transparency and top-end presence while maintaining a true, natural sound. Based on his classic — and long-discontinued — NTI EQ3 from the ’80s (which I've used in the past), the EQ4 features Maag’s legendary Air Band control, a major component to the vocal mix chain on Madonna’s Ray of Light as well as Celine Dion’s Taking Chances.
Designed in conjunction with Brainworx, the Maag EQ4 Plug-In is an expertly rendered emulation of this modern classic EQ for your UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo-equipped workstation."


  • Exacting emulation of the Maag EQ4®
  • Six bands of equalization, including the famous AIR BAND®
  • Provides unparalleled transparency and top end presence while maintaining the true natural sound of the original signal
  • The vocal sound of Madonna, Celine Dion, Snoop Dogg, and the Black Eyed Peas
  • Endorsing producers include David Reitzas, Dave Pensado, and Dylan Dresdow 
  • EQ adjustments are obtained with minimal phase shift
  • Additional Trim Control (not found on the hardware), for easier level control
  • Constructed for demanding professional applications
  • The interaction of the band passes of the hardware has been fully captured in the plug-in version

Visit UA's website for more info on their latest software update and plugins.