Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Imagine having a console filled with your favorite 500 series modules

Malcolm Toft known for his legendary Trident consoles has formed a new company Ocean Audio. One of its most anticipated products is the Ark 516 Analog Console. The Ark 516 is fully modular and allows you to install up to forty 500 series modules directly into the control surface of the console. I'm a fan of the Trident "sound" and actually tracked quite a few records on a Trident 65 Series including Ini Kamoze's "Here Comes The Hotstepper".

Ark 516 features from Ocean Audio's website:

Each of the 16 input channels provides the following facilities:
* 2 slots for 500-series modules
* Fully modular input channel with:
- Line input level control switchable line / external input
- 6 auxiliary sends individually switchable pre / post
- Bussing to 8 groups and master left/right outputs
- Channel pan, mute and auto-mute grouping
- Solo in place, AFL and PFL
- Monitor input level control
- Monitor pan, mute and solo
- Channel fader
- LED pre fade signal metering and LED or VU Metering of direct output and input signals

The group / output section provides:
* 8 slots for 500-series modules
* 8 fully modular group / output channels with:
- 8 group faders
- 8 monitor inputs with level, pan, solo, mute, fader reverse and 6 auxiliary sends individually switchable pre / post
- 8 monitor inputs with level, pan, solo, mute and 6 auxiliary sends switchable pre / post

The 8 group faders can be used as output faders for the group, or as input faders for 8 monitor returns.

The total number of inputs, available for mixdown is 48.
(16 inputs + 16 monitor returns on input channels + 16 monitor returns on groups)
24 of these inputs can be on full-size faders.

The master section provides:
- Aux send master 1 to 6 with level and solo
- Talkback to groups, studio and auxiliary sends
- Control Room Monitor level, mute, dim and mono
- Two sets of stereo returns to Control Room Monitor
- Auto-mute group master
- Two alternate monitor level controls with on/off switches
- Studio playback level control and selection of two track return 1, aux send 1 and aux sends 5-6.

All inputs and outputs are through 25-way D-Sub connectors on the back.
The top bay of 500-series slots on the input section are provided with additional XLR connectors to facilitate easy connection of microphones.
Any 500-series module can be used on any channel, by using an external patchbay or through direct connections on the back.

An optional 16 input expander unit and a producer desk / patchbay will also be available to further increase the flexibility of the console.

Price $19,999 USD. Available in 8 to 10 weeks at LittleFish Audio.

Check out the video shot at Musikmesse 2013 by Bonedo.