Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If you have a home/personal studio, you need one of these...

Tripp Lite SMART1500RM2U SmartPro Rack/Tower UPS System

"The SMART1500RM2U SmartPro Rack/Tower UPS System from Tripp Lite is a UPS system, designed to protect sensitive electronics from power surges while providing battery backup during power outages. It features 8 outlets to connect devices, all of which provide battery backup. It is designed for use on 120V electrical systems.

You'll be able to connect the UPS to a computer via USB or serial for monitoring by Mac OS X and Windows. You also have the option of installing an SNMP/Web Card for network management. An audible alarm and front-panel LEDs make you aware of status information regarding line and battery power operation. The internal battery is able to provide 19 minutes of backup power at half load."

Only place mission critical devices on the UPS (computer/laptop, hard drives etc.)
Speakers, amps outboard gear etc. should be connected to a separate surge protector.

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