Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toft ATB04M - small format console

"The Toft ATB Console packs the same powerful equalizer that was used on the Trident Series 80 boards. The ATB's EQ section is regarded as one of the best sounding Equalizers on the market today! The super musical four-band EQ on the Toft ATB unleashes all your creativity without any limits or boundaries."
• 4 Premium Channel Strip Module
• 2 Mix Busses with outputs
• Direct Outs on every channel
• Inline Monitoring for every input channel strip
• Additional 2 Monitor Returns in Group Section
• Vintage Series 80 EQ for every input channel
• 2 Aux Sends every input channel strip
• 2 Fully-Dedicated Stero Aux Returns
• Super Accurate 12-Stage LED Meter
• Meter Bridge
• Optional ADAT/SPDIF digtial output
• Fully balanced outputs


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