Friday, April 15, 2011

Universal Audio -- EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator Plug-In

"Unveiled by EMT at the AES convention in 1976 and inducted into the TEC
Hall of Fame in 2007, the EMT 250 was the first digital reverberation device
to create ambience through a purely electronic system. With its single reverb
program and iconic lever-driven control surface, the EMT 250 is still an indispensable
tool within the record-making elite and is widely considered one of
the best-sounding reverbs ever made. Although only around 250 were built,
the EMT 250 has made an immeasurable impact on record making history in
the hands of studio legends like George Massenburg, Bruce Swedien, Allen
Sides and many others. Captured from Allen Sides’ unit at Ocean Way Recording,
endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH in Germany, and re-engineered
for plug-in use by EMT 250 creator Dr. Barry Blesser from his original
documentation, the UAD version of the EMT 250 goes beyond emulation and
is the very same algorithm found in the original units—for a fraction of its original
$25,000 price!
Besides the coveted reverb program, the EMT 250 for UAD provides the five
additional effects (Delay, Phasing, Chorus, Echo and Space) also included in
the original unit. Lighted pushbuttons select the desired program, while four
click-stop levers provide the primary reverb parameters of delay time, predelay,
and high and low Filtering. LED ladders provide additional visual reinforcement
of program selection and parameter positioning. Like the hardware,
the plug-in operates in “quad,” with two discrete stereo output pairs
accessed through the added front/rear output switch. Additional “digital
only” features include dry/wet mix, wet solo, reduced noise (if desired), and
hard bypass via the EMT power icon."

I'm a huge fan of UAD plugins and will do an in-depth review of the EMT 250 
showing actual use on a mix in the very near future.

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