Thursday, January 30, 2014

Have you seen this Stereo Mic made from a shotgun shell?

The BLACK212 stereo microphone is the latest offering from 12 Gauge Microphones. True to their name this company has been manufacturing microphones from real shotgun shells. I previously posted about their  Red and Green 12s. 

"The BLACK212 XY Stereo Microphone is comprised of 2 stacked capsules set at 90ยบ angles, which makes for perfect phase alignment and realistic stereo image. Each mic comes with a specifically wired splitter."

Here's a video of the microphones recording acoustic guitar and vocal:

I see many uses for this microphone and at only $80 the BLACK212 would be an economical and good sounding addition to your Mic locker. (Plus they look great in the studio and make a great conversation piece).

12 Gauge Microphones

Note: They also do conversions on any cool non-working vintage microphones you would like fixed/updated with  components from their Red12. Rates start at $50 but vary according to the project.

Here are some examples:

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